As the bags carried by celebrities at dramas are getting popular, counterfeit sellers are marketing this fame to sell their products.

A genuine Chanel bag A.K.A “KIM TAE HEE bag" is 5,000,000 won in Korea however its replica is sold at only \200,000. Not only that, there are more counterfeit bags using celebrities names such as SONG HAE KYO, GO SO YOUNG, SHIN SAE KYUNG, etc.

Seoul main Customs (Director: KIM, Ki-Young) announced on 21st June that the customs exposed counterfeit dealers A (Female / 51) and 2 other related infringers, for importing (from CHINA) or manufacturing / distributing more than 50,000 pieces of luxurious brand’s products.

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According to the customs’ investigation, these infringers distributed their counterfeit products to retailers located at Etaewon, Namdaemoon, Busan and Jaeju island where there are a lot of foreign tourists. Some of the products were also sold to insurance companies, for them to give the product away as free gift.

This organization (main dealer A (Female / 51), manufacturer B (Male / 54), local distributor C (male / 44)) dealt about 50,000 pieces of counterfeits since January 2010, worth about 50 billion won if genuine.

The variety brands of counterfeits goods were found, including foreign brand such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci as well as domestic brand like Bean Pole and MCM. The infringers sold any product that might make easy money, bags, wallets, sunglasses and accessories.   

At the time of raid in May 2012, Seoul Customs swooped 12 different factories and warehouse located at Seoul and Kyungki-do and confiscated about 24,000 pieces of counterfeits (7 1-ton trucks, largest counterfeit seizure ever)

The infringer even made their own catalogue with celebrities’ name, and used it for marketing and selling. They imported counterfeit Louis Vuitton wallet from China that were specially designed for valentines’ day 2012 and sold at 100,000 won (1,200,000 won if genuine).

Especially at this raid process, the custom found counterfeit Louis Vuitton bags imported from CHINA that has embossed carving for the first time, which is design does not exist in Louis Vuitton.

Seoul Customs also said that “Special A class counterfeits are usually manufactured in CHINA where there is less raid actions and low quality counterfeits are manufactured locally. What people say about low quality bags are from CHINA is now a thing of the past.”, and urge to be cautious.


Reporter: YOON, Hyoung-HA :

News date : 2012-06-21 16:00:51


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